International Students


We welcome highly motivated students for computational mechanics. We are concerned with multi-physics, multi-scale and multi-system coupled problems, which often appear in novel engineering, biomechanics and biomimetics areas. Examples of our most recent projects are the analysis and synthesis of the spot welding and the micro air vehicle. Scholarship and financial support can be available. You can find the related information from the following links. Our current international students are five graduate students (doctoral course: 2, master course: 3).


Note. If individuals with a bachelor’s degree wish to apply the doctor course examination, they must be recognized by our university as having academic ability equal to or surpassing the level of a master’s degree or professional degree holder. Please read carefully p12 of application procedure in the link or ask us for the detail.

Campus Life Support

Information is available from the link. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for the detail.

Contact us

  • Professor Daisuke ISHIHARA (ishihara.daisuke399(at)
  • Associate Professor Tomoya NIHO (niho(at)